Stop for a moment, take a breath, decelerate.
Barely holding on, common fears. The only certainty is that we’ll eat today, this you’ll ignore.
But you are not insane, you’re simply so deep in their fucking pockets as they funded your campaign. Then look the other way, and enable more casual contracts and have us guess from day to day.
Hey you, selling security. Hey you, a price we cannot pay. Hey you, gravity has stalled but soon it will be glorious.
Accusations, claims of greed come from the top, the highest tier. So legislate to break the unity, it’s a job well done.
Assurance can be gained. Cemented free market legislation was a bargain for what they paid. Now you're free to play, and suck upon the finest cuban cigars while you're dancing in the rain.


from Foreign Object Free, released June 24, 2016


tags: punk Perth


all rights reserved


Castle Bravo Perth, Australia

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